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Challenge Conformity!

Afaf Lamkoutar was born and raised in Rabat, Morocco. She received a Master of International and Political Affairs from the University Mohamed V of Rabat, Faculty of Law Rabat-Agdal. Afaf is engaged in

several international projects to promote intercultural dialogue and advocate for the role of women in the Peace and Security Agenda. In her personal reflections, she addresses conformity and non-conformity as an internal struggle in the path for greatness.

Before applying to the College of Europe Natolin

Campus, I heard many stories regarding the spirit of

the College.

I was once told: “You can’t understand what the

Campus of Natolin is until you experience it”.

Today, I think I understand.

Imagine thinking about the world within a

multicultural environment, a place where you get to

engage in discussions and debates, where you get to

grasp a variety of ideas and thoughts from Europe

and beyond. This place is the Natolin campus of the

College of Europe.

The Natolin campus offers the chance to meet

professors coming from Europe and its

neighbourhood. It gathers specialists and experts and

welcomes engagement in discussions on crucial


The Natolin campus is an ideal space for creativity as
it hosts young, vibrant, and intellectually inclined

This creativity is coupled with an

interesting dynamic of interactions and

introspections that challenge and resist conformity.

Of course, the need for conformity can be such a

strong internal driving force. Many of us are naturally

drawn to become like those around us.

But this is not the path to greatness in Natolin.

The greatest people are those who have forged their

own path, often against the tide.

In that regard, Natolin is a home where you can be

true to yourself.

It is a suitable environment for investing time in

knowing yourself better, demonstrating your values,

and testing your intellectual and emotional assets.

So, dare to challenge conformity, be bold enough to

embrace your true potential, and join the Campus of

Natolin of the College of Europe.

Emeline Ogereau, Natalia's Shrine. Natolin, Warsaw, 2020.