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Life of Grand Duke Vitaŭt

Valery Zaitsau is a Belarusian artist who found solace in his art and used it to promote Belarusian national values, thus refusing to comply with the injustice and cruelty of the authoritarian regime in his country.

This sentiment is best expressed in his intricate work “Life of Grand Duke Vitaŭt which portrays the man who became the symbol of national rebirth and pride in modern-day Belarus.

The unconventional decisions made by Grand Duke Vitaŭt and his unwillingness to conform to expectations led the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland to victory in the Battle of Grundwald, which turned the tide of history and has become one of the most significant battles in medieval Europe.

Valery Zaitsau, Life of Grand Duke Vitaŭt, 2014. Icon painting, tempera and gold on panel, 96.7 cm x 120 cm.