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The wind blows, and ears whistle

Giving cheeky slaps to

My body in ecstasy, in trance-like

The smell of gasoline in the air

A strong pressure is on my limbs

Skin and hair blow like amber

A few fine droplets of water

Making them rough and silly

My curious eyes run away

Attracted as to a magnet

A rainbow takes shape,

Illuminated mechanically

Emeline Ogereau, Natalia's Shrine. Natolin, Photograph, 2020.

By grey clouds

That invade the archipelago

A puff of air, a gust,

Blowing on the tender masks

And there, an imposing mechanical monster

A dominating metallic heap

Breaks the emerging waves

Modifies their even rhythm

Quickly I approach you

Striving to be in your arms

And at last I see you

In all your splendor.

Nicolas Vande Kerckhove